What type of companies can post job vacancies on bookieworks.com ?

As the name suggests, we are primarily targeting bookmakers and/or other companies within the gambling industry, such as casinos (on and offline), betting shops, and poker, bingo & lottery operators. However, we also welcome adverts from related industries, such as software & games development, sports data providers, news outlets and conference organisers.

Basically, no matter how tenuous your link is to the betting industry, we will be happy to run your advert (as long as there is a link) e.g. we won’t run an advert for a travel agents, however if your company is a travel agency providing trips to poker events, then that is acceptable.


Why should we advertise with bookieworks.com ?

As most companies looking for staff have now realised, using traditional recruitment agencies is an extremely expensive way to fill vacancies.

Before the internet, companies paid a fixed fee for an advert either in a local newspaper or in a specialist trade publication. Usually, unless the vacancy was for a high-profile role, the company would be happy to identify themselves – and why wouldn’t they? As most large, respectable companies have a great reputation, and therefore no reason to hide their name.

However, as you are well aware, the online recruitment agencies, will not divulge the advertisers name, for fear that the applicant will go directly to that company, meaning they will miss out on their commission payments.

We just want you to find the right applicant, for the right role, at the right price. Which is why we operate a fixed fee model (similar to print advertising). This means you can benefit from the goodwill surrounding your company’s name, and job seekers can use bookieworks.com as a portal to search through many possible vacancies in one location.

As we in the start-up phase, we are offering free adverts for a limit period – for further details please contact our sales team at sales (AT) bookieworks (DOT) com

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