What is bookieworks.com ?

bookieworks.com is a new job-portal for the betting, gaming and related industries.


Who owns bookieworks.com ?

bookieworks.com is privately owned company, based and registered in Malta. Its owners have many years’ experience working in the betting & gaming industry and decided that the time was right for dedicated job portal for the betting, gaming and related industries.


Do I need to register to use bookieworks.com ?

NO! – bookieworks.com realises that we are all suffering from extreme password and username fatigue, and subsequently, the last thing we wanted to do was burden you with more information to remember. Therefore, there is no facility to register on the site. However, you can of course submit your email address in order to sign-up for receipt of the newsletter, marketing updates and selected promotions from trusted third-parties – NOTE these promotions will be sent out by the bookieworks.com team, as we will never divulge your email address to a third-party.

We promise to never sell, share or rent your email address.

It is of course necessary to divulge your email address to the company to whom you have applied for a job, but this is only with your express permission – NOTE: By submitting your CV/Application/Resume, you are giving express permission that this data may be transmitted to the employer from who you have applied for a job – Please see Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy for full details.


How do I apply for a job on bookieworks.com ?

Simply click on the company you are interested in and peruse the job opportunities. Select the advert that you like and then decide to either apply via the online form or by email.


How do I find a job on bookieworks.com ?

We have designed the site in order to make it extremely easy to find your perfect role.

  • Search: Simply enter a “keyword” into the search field; e.g. London – this will list all jobs that are located in that city.
  • Employers: Review the list of employers from the drop down list – clicking on a specifc name, will display all available jobs for this company.
  • Country: Looking for a job in a certain location? – You can review jobs by country when selecting this option from the menu.
  • Job Type: Only interested a specific role? – You can filter the job type, by using this feature on the menu at the top of the page.


What is the difference between applying via the online form, or applying by email?

If you apply via the online form, certain pieces of information will need to be entered, such as your name and email address. There is also a section where you can write/paste in a covering letter – however, we do also allow you to upload a covering letter as well as you CV/resume.

Once you have pressed submit, your application will be sent to the bookieworks.com admin team in order to be processed and then forwarded to the appropriate employer. A copy of this application will also be sent to the email address that you entered during the application process. Please keep a copy for your records. If you do not receive this copy, please check your spam folder, or contact support (AT) bookieworks (DOT) com.

If you choose to apply by email, after clicking the submit button, the email client on your computer/device will open, with certain fields already populated (To, Subject Line & Disclaimer). All you then need to do is attach your CV/Resume and also your covering letter (alternatively, the covering letter can form part of the body of the email), then press send.

Once you have pressed send, a copy of your email can be found in your sent items. You will all receive an auto-reply confirming receipt of your email. If you do not receive this, please check your spam folder, or contact support (AT) bookieworks (DOT) com.


What type of files can I upload via the online form?

The online line form can only accept the following file types:

  • .txt (Notepad)
  • .doc (x) (Microsoft Word)
  • .pdf (Adobe)


Can I type my covering letter into the message field on the form?

Yes, you may, however, we strongly recommend that you actually create the covering letter in a document (such as MS Word, Notepad or PDF), and upload this file along with your CV/Resume.

The reason for this, is that if the form/page was to crash before and/or during submission, or your internet connection dropped, then any data typed into the message field could be lost, and you would have to re-enter this information again.

If you do choose to use the message field for your covering letter, then please at the very least, take a copy of this data, in case of any probelms.


What type of companies can post job vacancies on bookieworks.com ?

As the name suggests, we are primarily targeting bookmakers and/or other companies within the gambling industry, such as casinos (on and offline), betting shops, and poker, bingo & lottery operators. However, we also welcome adverts from related industries, such as software & games development, sports data providers, news outlets and conference organisers.

Basically, no matter how tenuous your link is to the betting industry, we will be happy to run your advert (as long as there is a link) e.g. we won’t run an advert for a travel agents, however if your company is a travel agency providing trips to poker events, then that is acceptable.

12th June 2017


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